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The "Keep Purring" Team


Ben Tucker


Eric Briggs

Who? What? Why?

"Keep Purring: A Carolina Panthers Podcast" is Hosted by longtime friends/buddies/pals Ben Tucker and Eric Briggs. They met 8 years ago at work (Exhibit A...the very old photo to the right) and what started as your typical co-worker relationship quickly transformed into a dynamic friendship!

One of the many things they connected on was their Carolina Panthers fandom. Just about any time they would go to lunch or hang out outside of work, they would often end up talking all things Panthers! They spent 6 years as co-workers, and although they no longer work together their friendship remains strong!

"Keep Purring: A Carolina Panthers Podcast" is essentially an extension of the impassioned conversations they have always had about one of the things they both love most, the Carolina Panthers!